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True community, minus the BS

Mel's Universe is basically my Instagram, off of Instagram! I have always had the deep desire to cultivate an engaging community where we can commune and build with each other, without also being apart of the day to day monotony of social media. Mel's Universe is the place you come and immediately know you are going to see and feel good energy and encouragement to grow personally and spiritually AND THAT'S IT. You don't have to worry about being bombarded by anything else. And in addition, you know you are only surrounded by others who are like-minded and like-hearted. This is necessary at any level of growth - so I am happy to provide this space, away from everything else. True community, minus the bullshit.

A Lil Intro


What You Can Expect

  • Private livestreams with engaging community conversation on topics centering personal, spiritual growth and humanness - Just like me going live on Instagram, minus Instagram, the trolls and random people joining
  • Private livestream of Mel's Music Hour - where we get together, share and vibe to music (Ya'll know my playlists always set the vibe!)
  • Private Livestream with Tea Presence Practice™ + Guided Meditations with me - We'll have tea and I facilitate some guided meditation
  • Rooted + Growing Deck card pulls - I'll be pulling cards from the deck and sharing additional, deeper insight for encouragement and inspiration
  • Community interaction via text posts, video etc. You help me build the community by engaging in it! Overall...just dope, safe community, without the BS of social media



* Actively contributing to the community by introducing yourself and answering the icebreaker question upon joining

* Supporting and assisting me with keeping the community engaged by initiating conversation via text posts, sharing and responding to and engaging with other members who are vulnerable enough to share and contribute 

* Sharing about (before, during or after) our livestream events within your own personal circles and social media platforms to help spread the word about the community we are building. You can share via screenshots, pictures and videos no longer than 30 seconds

* Being open and candid with me about topics you would like me to share and talk about during our general gathering/conversation lives

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